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Craigie Burger opened in 2019, but the Craigie Burger story actually starts in 2008, when Chef Tony Maws set out to de- and re-construct a hamburger using all of the modern techniques and fanatical attention that he is known for.

Things went well…maybe a bit too well. After the burger landed on the cover of Bon Appetit, Tony’s team couldn’t keep up with demand while running Craigie on Main as it was meant to be. Because of all the work that goes into it, only 18 are produced each night, and a line for them forms every day before the doors even open. And, things would have pretty much stayed just that way had it not been for the food hall visionaries at Time Out Market.

We (Tony, Nick and Michael) had been meeting regularly, trying to figure out how to create something delicious, healthy, replicable and affordable that would also satisfy our commitments to sustainable and local sourcing, living wages and the like. But, when Tony mentioned that the good folks from Time Out Market had just contacted him about doing a Craigie Burger concept, our mission became clear.

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 The facts

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The philosophy is simple and time-honored: the farms where we source our most important ingredients should be available within a quick car ride and have the very best and freshest available for us when we arrive.

At Craigie Burger, you get:

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Thick, juicy burgers cooked medium rare (because why kill the animal twice?).

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6 ounces of Dole & Bailey’s Northeast Family Farms Cooperative beef, specially blended for Craigie Burger, coarsely ground and very gently packed

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Great local, farmstead cheeses, if cheese on a burger is your thing

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Pickles produced by Maitland Mountain Farm using a Craigie Burger recipe

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Locally grown Bibb lettuce from Springworks Farm

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Our own house-made ketchup and other condiments

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Bacon from northeastern hogs, smoked in VT

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The most heavily debated sesame-seed bun baked for us by our friends at Iggy’s Bread

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One f@!*ing great burger!




Time Out Market is the brainchild of some savvy foodies and the editorial team at Time Out Magazine.

The market is launching globally throughout the year in several spots - including our very own, Beantown – and will call the iconic 401 Park Drive building in Fenway, “home.”

Featuring the same open concept vibes of cafeterias and food halls (did someone say Valhalla?), Time Out Market will offer a curated blend of food and beverage offerings from nationally-lauded restaurateurs and bartenders across the Boston area. They are bringing together 15 of the best restaurant concepts in the city and we are grateful to be included.

Visit Time Out Market for more details