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Just what Boston needs, another burger joint. That’s almost as bad as suggesting another fast-casual concept. Oh, wait, we’re doing that too.

So, “What, then,” you may ask, “is the redeeming value of another burger joint?” Quite simply, we want to offer the best damn burger you can get quickly, regularly and without having to wait outside our doors for thirty minutes in the rain before we open (more about that in a moment). We’re not peddling another over-cooked flat patty burger. We’ve obsessed about this for years and we’ve figured out how to bring you a thick, juicy, meticulously crafted Craigie on Main-inspired burger that you can have in minutes standing only a few feet from where you ordered it at Time Out Market with your favorite local microbrew, or take home, or eat in the car, or bring to a ball game, or take to a friend who just had a baby, or, well, you get the idea.

We think this is a (F*!#’ing) great burger!

In fact, we’re staking our reputations (chuckle if you must), our integrity, and our passionate commitment to authenticity on it. Everything about this burger reflects our devotion to sweating the details that bring the whole thing together: sustainably raised local beef, a painstakingly crafted sesame seed bun made by our friends at Iggy’s Bread, home-made condiments (Craigie ketchup or burnt bread steak sauce anyone?), farmstead cheese, and our house-made pickles.

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Okay, so who’s the Oz behind the curtain?

Well, there are three of us, actually. Three hardworking, resolute, and, some would say, esteemed veterans of the restaurant industry: Tony Maws, Michael Leviton and Nick Zappia. Go ahead, Google us. Or, we can just quickly tell you a bunch of things that we’ve done: Craigie on Main, The Blue Room, Lumiere, Central Bottle Wine + Provisions, Persephone, Kirkland Tap + Trotter, Belly and Area Four.

Now, you can scratch your head and thank your lucky stars that we care so much about burgers, and get yourself to Time Out Market Boston.

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